Medical Coding & Billing

Medical Billing is not simple. Making Mistakes is Costly. Navigating the Risky Waters of Coding, Billing and Collections, without Running Aground, requires Keen Awarenees of System and Regulator Demands to Pay Claims Accurately. These Functions are Best Left to Seasoned Professionals Well Versed in These Functions. Services and Support Provided by NMMD to Members of its Primary Care Physician Network:

  • Introduction of policies and implementation of programs for proper coding, billing and collections
  • Certified professional coding by in-house specialist
  • Revenue Cycle Management
  • Regulatory Compliance Monitoring and Staff Training on Claims Submission. Claims Timeliness Guidelines
  • Monitoring status of claims
  • Managing accounts receivable
  • Collections and/or collection agency coordination
  • Monitoring and education on reimbursement changes
  • Proper reporting, claims audit, claim denial appeals
  • Pursuing claim recovery, Payment log maintenance
  • Customized Billing Reports