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Increase your revenue 30 percent
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Something Nu has just arrived
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Increase your revenue 30 percent
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Increased revenue

Lower operating costs

Delivery of positive quality outcomes

Patient satisfaction

Who We Are

A management services organization, providing administrative and business management services to medical practices and clinics that increase revenue and lower operating costs, while improving delivery of positive quality outcomes and patient satisfacton.

What We Do

Our Management Team

Our NuMethodsMD administrative group has over 15 years of experience managing primary care physician practices. We connect physicians, care teams and patients with integrated delivery systems which in turn allow our network physicians to operate effectively and provide the health plans with a solid relationship based on sound managed care.

Why Choose Us

We provide comprehensive solutions for our network primary care provider and their members

NuMethodsMD Integrated Solutions

Utilization Management

Manages Clinical Outcomes and reduces

Actionable Analysis

Powerful Information Drives Great Results

Provider Customer Service

Delivers Provider and Staff Satisfaction

Network Accessibility

Robust full-service network which adheres to CMS guidelines

Quality Improvement

Better Care, Better Results, Better Bottom-line

Claims Processing

Reduces and simplifies Administrative Burden

Some of our plans

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